Monday, December 06, 2004

MS kind of turns you into a cat

Mowing the lawn Sunday just didn’t seem right. I’d RATHER be shoveling the sidewalk.

Stopping by to pick up Patti for a dinner at home, she was still in bed at 4 PM! She claimed she felt like spending a lazy day in bed. Hey! Why not?

Wanting to spend a lazy day in bed doesn’t always require a medical diagnosis. <grin>

A couple hours at home, Italian carryout, and Patti was ready for bed by 7:30 PM

I exclaimed that she had ONLY been up a couple hours! Noticing how one of our cats had only awaken long enough to move from sleeping in front of the fire place to jumping on her lap and going back to sleep, she pointed out that MS kind of turns you into a cat. She "had been up long enough and was ready to go back to sleep."

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