Saturday, February 04, 2006

Caregiving: black & gold schedule

The Super Bowl has become such a part of Americana it even impacts care facility daily schedules as evidenced by Patti's Friday’s schedule:

Friday, February 3

Super Bowl Team Shirt Day

08:30 Breakfast ... 09:45 Exercise ... 10:00 Cookies and juice ... 10:15  Games and activities ... 12:00 Lunch ... 14:15 Super Bowl Talk Group ... 15:00 Juice Cart ... 17:30 Dinner ... 18:45 Movie.

     Obviously residents were not investing in fan mania merchandising but "colors" were what was important. Steelers' Black & Gold was everywhere. After all this is Pennsylvania.

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  1. kinda of neat they made it a part of the care facility's schedule to include the residents of an important event in your state. Now they have reason to celebrate



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