Friday, February 24, 2006

Caregiving: PATF

   While reading the Fall/Winter newsletter of the Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation I found myself mouthing this piece of a sentence from an article over and over again.

"... remember that people are unique individuals and that their abilities or disabilities are only attributes, and do not define who they are..."

        The newsletter is available on line at

     The PATF Newsletter is not about to crowd out Entertainment Weekly, Cat Fancy, and National Wildlife from our coffee table. <grin>

     I've only recently discovered this wonderful organization. Among their many works, they act as brokers for low interest loans for people and families trying to buy assistive technology, wheelchair accessible vans included. Hey! 6 or 7 year auto loans at 4% interest is a godsend when you are trying to buy one of these things.


  1. it does sound like a wonderful organization! Are you in Pennsylvania? I get so confused where everyone is from. I'm in Montana, but I was born in Pennsylvania. So could you get a loan from them for a van?


  2. cool very neat organization. have a good weekend



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