Sunday, February 05, 2006

Caregiving: flight of steps

Reading an entry from another journal, My Journey With MS: Stress, I was struck by this line: 

     “ It is frightening not to be able to navigate a stair case when you used to be able to ice skate”

Christina’s entry reminded me...

      I guess it was about 6 years ago, I returned home to find a head sized crater in the drywall at the bottom of our stair case and a smaller indentation in the drywall on the landing where our stairway turned 90 degrees half way down.

     Patti could only offer that she thought maybe she fell down the stairs but couldn’t really remember. I found no cuts or bumps nor was she complaining of pain. I’m not Sherlock Holmes but there was enough drywall evidence in her hair and clothing that a deduction was elementary.

     We remodeled again, creating a bedroom on the bottom floor for Patti before eventually moving to a one floor home. 

     Depending on variables like your own home, homes you visit, Multiple Sclerosis progression, or symptoms ... a stair case could become more than a flight of steps.     


  1. That is so true friend. We come into the house through the back door, so we had the steps removed and a ramp built. I will eventually be in a wheelchair permanately and now have trouble with stairs. Going down steps is harder for me than going up them.

  2. Patrick..

    Our home only has one flight of is just my MIL that has the stairs.  She doesn't understand when I am too tired.  The good news is she is selling for a one story.



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