Thursday, February 16, 2006

Caregiving: van shopping

     Patti and I tried out Dodge Grand Caravans with VMI Northstar conversions, today. We felt like Stone Age people suddenly encountering the modern world.      

     With the push of button the van kneels, door slides open, and ramp slides out from in the floor of the van! Simply roll Patti in, her wheel chair easily and safely anchors into a choice of locations. Push another button and the ramp retracts into the floor, door closes, and off you go. Seating even configures to hold a variety of combinations of wheelchairs and/or seated people.

     Struggling in the parking lot to get Patti in and out of our Ford Taurus Wagon with a transfer board and folding and unfolding her wheelchair were a dramatic contrast.     

     The sticker price however leaves me wanting to join Tevye in a duet of, “If I were a rich man …” Powerball Jackpot is worth 365 Million this Saturday, who knows?


  1. can insurance help cover the cost? I would imagine it would be quite prohibitive. Or some local agency that works with people trying to maintain as much mobility as they can with their disabilities? Its a shame that things like this that can add a bit of quality of life and dignity to a person and their care giver should have to cost an arm and a leg.


  2. Hi new to your journal betty sent me :) i have you on my alerts:) so i will be back



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