Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Caregiving: remove popcorn before ...

      Viewing the “The Pink Panther” movie could be hazardously funny to anyone with symptoms of dysphagia. Caregivers should remove popcorn before the movie begins. 

     Twice I had to help Patti through coughing/choking episodes brought on by hysterical laughter. Finally, with popcorn under my seat, we enjoyed a hilarious Monday evening at the movies.    

     Besides the mega screen for visual impairment the film fit so many of Patti's MS related cognitive and attention symptoms like a glove. Physical comedy with bursts of mad cap zaniness, and 90 minutes in length. ... Not the kind of review you read in any mainstream publication. <grin>


  1. glad you enjoyed the movie! I can imagine it would be challenging to eat popcorn and laugh if one was subjected to dysphagia.

    I'll have to see "The Pink Panther"; you wrote an excellent review!

    enjoy your day


  2. Even without MS related and cognitive attention symptoms, I love the kind of comedy Steve Martin creates. Yes, it's the zaniness... sometimes we need to experience zaniness to make our real experiences (with what seems bizarre at times) seem less zany. Watching a zany movie helps us to relieve our frustrations in laughter. It does for me! Thoughtful and kind of you to buy her popcorn and patiently dealing with choking and coughing. If I am ever disabled, and bound to a wheelchair, I hope my husband is thoughtful enough to remember that I love going to movies and eating popcorn! Sounds like you enjoyed the movie, and the time together, as well! Bea


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