Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Caregiving: AS I AM "The Healing Garden"

The Healing Garden

 “…Whether you've just discovered you have an illness, or a loved one has, or whether you have been dealing with it for some time now, this is for you….”

     "AS I AM" is a “different” kind of AOL journal. Even though I am the caregiver in our story I can appreciate what "AS I AM" is trying to do. It is a lot of things, educational, emotional, but above all "people to people". 


  1. i will check this out:) hope you are well


  2. Patrick; that is a wonderful idea that Tammy had. I have followed her As I Am journal off and on (I think that's where I might have picked up your link, who can remember at my age). But to compile a list like that of support is awesome.


  3. .............need all the help I can get!  I  will  be posting  the fiasco of the morning in the never ending search for ourselves! lol

  4. Just dropping by to say hi, hope you are doing well today.
    Hugs, SUGAR (friend from healing garden)


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