Saturday, July 01, 2006

Caregiving: modern bulletin boards

     At parent orientation one of the “transition tips” promoted by the university was to place copies of your student’s class schedule in your car, at work, and at home. After the first month of classes call them on a “beautiful Fall day” on their cell phone during the class they dislike the most. If they answer ask them why they aren’t in class and if you get voice mail, thank them for attending on such a beautiful day. <grin> 

     Through the years of Elementary & Seconday Education, I’ve taken ‘class schedules’ one step further. I scan them into my PC and make them my computer’s desktop background. Whenever I  minimize whatever I’m working on or switch programs, instantly I can “see” with a glance at the clock in the taskbar exactly when and what Megan is supposed to be doing.

     As chaotic as balancing spouse caregiving and basically single parenting has been, being able to periodically focus throughout the day on what Megan is doing, and when, during the school day has helped me to try and communicate better. For example, “I guess Calculus was useless today with the snow beginning to fall at the start of class.”

    Once upon a time, it was the refrigerator in the kitchen, but now days your PC’s desktop background is the best of possible bulletin boards.


  1. what a good idea:) and i love the idea of calling during the day, make them feel loved and cared about. enjoy your weekend


  2. daughter is 1200 miles a day and communicates with me almost every day by computer or phone.  What you begin early does stick through their lives.  I miss her so much but this does help me to feel her support in what I am doing.

  3. excellent idea! I know I always would memorize my kids' schedules so that I knew where they were at any given time during the school day and would often think of them during the day, especially if I knew there was a test in a particular class, etc.



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