Thursday, July 13, 2006

Caregiving: "other journals"

     Whenever I open a Journal home page I usually find “other journals” listed. Why are they there? Is there a common denominator?

     Looking at my own “other journals” and asking myself that question,  I thought I would try to take the time now and then to offer a text snapshot of those I’ve chosen to list, just a few at a time.

     I’ll begin with my “classics”, the original three that have been “other journals” for two years.  


A day in my life....

    “ ... a daily journal of a patient and the caregiver, and their walk together each day.”  I’ve been following Sue’s caregiver/spouse AOL journal since the summer of 2004. Jack, her husband, has Parkinson's disease.

     Earlier this year, Sue took caregiving to another dimension when they moved from Southern California to the Oklahoma prairie so Sue could take care of her 87 year old Mom.  

     In my opinion, caregiving does not increase mathematically (1 + 1 = 2) but grows exponentially.

     In the movie “Wayne’s World”, Wayne and Garth fall to their knees in front of Alice Cooper proclaiming “We’re Not Worthy, We’re Not Worthy!”   

     Were I ever to meet Sue in person, I would have to repeat this gesture of pop culture acknowledgement of a “STAR” caregiver.

     Theirs is an amazing story of “taking care” of family.



      As Christine says “I have MS, it doesn’t have me”. Christine was one of the first few people to drop in out of cyberspace and post a comment to my journal.

     Christine's entries and poetry offers a creative insight to both Multiple Sclerosis and more importantly to the balance of living with MS.

    As a caregiver spouse for 2 decades it’s often too easy for me to forget Patti’s earlier struggles of courage for independence. Not all MS will progress the same way, and I pray people will never need to know the caregiver spouse relationship.

     To share a journey is the wonder of this technology. In sharing we find pieces of the puzzle of truth.

     Christina’s gift for words and her Mom’s art (Tamara Gerkin, muralist and artist) create a captivating home page to enter her journey.

     An AOL expatriate over banner advertising the link above leads to her new home on Blogger.


My Take On Life (A.K.A. The Making Of A Home)

“Here's how I see it!  You may not like what I see or what I have to say about it.  But, it's life as I see it. You're always welcome to stop by and chat!”

     Deb’s Journal is like a 21st Century visit with someone at their home what with webcams of the front and back yards and even her cats. <grin>

     Deb is in the computer field and through her “My Cube” link she is always sharing the coolest computer and Internet “stuff”.  You can find her on both AOL & Blogger, the link is to AOL.

     The home visit feel is enhanced by leaving you with mouthwatering, and healthy recipes, chats about gardening or just about anything, and of course the trials and tribulations of home ownership. Sharing her proactive approach to health care is admirable.

    Keeping up with everything is as impossible for me as it is to label her journal. I simply enjoy the eclectic atmosphere and always the Georgia hospitality.    


     Following these Journals for two years I “feel” as I would for a friend or neighbor.


  1. i will have to check these out:) thanks for sharing


  2. These are all new journals to me, Patrick, so I'm going to check them out. bea

  3. cool Patrick; these sound like great ones to check out. For me I love to look at other journals people have listed on their own journal page. That's how I often find some of my more favorite journals like yours. I've come to the conclusion there are literally thousands of journals out there and literally thousands are very good journals. Too many journals; too few of time to check them all out.  However, I'm excited to check out some of your favorites.


  4. They're wonderful people Patrick. Rache

  5. hey Patrick!!!!!!

    Thank you for they wonderful love!   I love your blog too, although sometimes it scares me.     xxooxxooxxooxxoo

    You are an amazing man.


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