Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Caregiving: does that star-spangled banner yet wave?

     Tuesday’s outing was unusually exciting. Our 25’ flag pole in front of our house was apparently struck by lightning and toppled over in one hellacious thunderstorm. 

     Patti and I had just left the grocery store and were watching the storm roar in and around us from inside our accessible van when the radio announced a severe thunderstorm weather alert for our immediate area.

     Shortly our daughter called to let us know that the loudest thunderclap she had ever heard and a flash of lightning that had lit up the windows had occurred only minutes ago. Thinking that someone’s house must have been hit by lightning she stepped outside to look and found the flagpole laying in the front yard.

     (There is hope for the youth of America) She retrieved the fallen US flag from the storm and then called us. <grin>

     On the plus side the weather was magnificent immediately after the un-American storm for our originally planned cook out - grilled swordfish steaks, corn on the cob, and crab soup.

     Still it leaves me wondering how fragile any moment, or place, or thing is in time.


  1. Glad no one was hurt!  Cook out sounds delicious!  Linda

  2. glad no one was hurt:) enjoy the week


  3. Never tasted swordfish but sounds appealing.  Am glad the storms made the weather a little more tollerable but sorry about your pole.  Hope there wasn't too much damage in your area and everyones safe.

    Tammy does great with her journal, much information can be found, and like you say it's a hand being held out for anyone that needs it. Rache

  4. what an adventure!! I cannot imagine the shock of looking out and seeing the flagpole toppled over. That must have been one big storm. The cookout sounds delicious; I must know, did you make your own crab soup? If so, we need the recipe.



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