Friday, July 14, 2006

Caregiving: family

     Family time is something you make, it doesn’t just happen. Juggling a care facility for Mom and a teenager might be unique to our story - I don’t believe it is exceptional considering all that families everywhere face everyday.

    There are times it seems to me the challenge of ‘family’ in the US is greater than physical and mental obstacles.


  1. I think it is exceptional when you read of how people cope and find time to cram a whole lot into a day, each minute is precious but I'm guilty of throwing a few away. Rache

  2. ... ......we all seem to ramble on about our struggles and you only focus on patti and megan and providing emotional support for them.  You have mentioned your work and it is amazing that you can do all of this  working/caring/rearing and we seldom ever hear you beating your head against the wall!  Do you have padded walls?

  3. amen to that, Patrick. This day and age it is hard to raise a family and keep in intact and strong against all that the world wants to throw at it. And then to add a few unpredictables into the mixture makes it harder, but not impossible. Time spent together always is a good thing, even it it is something simple like a movie or a visit to the local coffee shop :)



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