Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Caregiving: campus visit PM

     Part of any campus is the town that surrounds it. Eating lunch at an Irish Pub at a sidewalk table on a tree lined street was a perfect finishing touch. Megan enjoyed Shepherd’s Pie while Patti and I tried Boxty’s (a traditional dish, common in the Irish Countryside, made from a Potato Pancake rolled and stuffed with various fillings).

     Because of MS symptoms of cognitive dysfunction I don’t know what Patti will remember or even be able to comprehend at times. Sometimes she’d ask almost every 10 minutes, “Where are we?” or “What is this place.” Other times she might make a remark leaving me believing she was tuned in. That’s kind of the way it is.

     With her progression I’ve learned to get the work done first by myself and then return with Patti in a more fun outing. She can then be involved but in a lighter sense, laughing, and having family time. Keeping the atmosphere “off the wall” unquestionably helps.  

     Alas for Megan, trying to be “kewl” (formerly known as “cool”) can seem out of sync when I get ramped up tilting at windmills to keep Patti amused and focused. By the end of the day, Megan was hiding in her hands and mumbling, “I don’t know you people.” <grin>


     Of course there is always the risk of the darker side of MS symptoms flaring up. You just have to be prepared and hope for the best. Keep timetables loose, MS sets its own. As that lovable, raving, knight-errant Don Quixote once offered as advice; “Patience, and shuffle the cards.”


  1. great picture of you and Patti; I love both of your smiles. That food sounded delicious. I don't think I've ever eaten at an Irish Pub before, but I'm going to see if I can find one in our area.

    Funny, I get that same thing too from my teen "I don't know you people". Does Megan walk three steps behind you like she's not with you? I get that too at times

    loved the pictures and enjoyed reading about your day trip


  2. Teenagers do that 'let the earth swallow me now' thing :)  Looks a fun time, plenty good grub.

    The pictures are wonderful, you bend with the MS timetable very well and Don's quote is a good one to go by. Rache

  3. ........ahhh the teen years!

    Both parents and teens survive!  

  4. Hi..I found your Journal from Kathy- Dare to I read is amazing. I have had and still have several MS patients...I am familiar with your struggle....but not IN it... God Bless you and Patty and Megan. B. Lynne


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