Saturday, August 12, 2006

Caregiving: ... makes you wonder?

      Hot August nights are a special time to read Christmas stories. To better share with Patti, I play audio tapes in our van while driving around. We’ve been listening to a collection of Jean Shepherd short stories, including “A Christmas Story”.

     With temps plunging last night, it makes you wonder about the magic of childhood. <grin>


(Picture borrowed without permission from the artistry of Carol Heyer)


  1. I love the art!!  Thanks for 'borrowing'...

  2. love the tag :) stay cool


  3. nights sounds wonderful........hope fall is on its way soon!

    Listening to tapes can be very soothing I imagine......I have trouble with listening to  book tapes in the car. For me it is very distracting and I concentrate on the tape not on driving! LOL

  4. touch of winter in the air with that cool night temperature.........I remember having days like that in Montana; cool nights like that and hot summery afternoons. I have not heard of Jean Shepherd, but will have to check her out as I'm always looking for new authors to read; thanks :)

    (loved the picture)


  5. nice art

    - Kristina

  6. interesting--never would have thought of reading christmas stories in august.

  7. Hmmm Christmas stories, always guaranteed to bring back a few thoughts.  That season will be here soon, it's just having a little peek at the moment with the temps falling in the evening and the night sky showing it's midnight blues.

    The graphic is lovely, a friendly crested moon. Rache

  8. Just stopping by with some coffee cake and hugs hoping to brighten your day.  It's been hot here in Atlanta too and is getting to be cool at nights again.  What a relief.  I've not thought of Christmas yet.  Thanks.  ;)

  9. What was more magical for us as kids than sitting on the roof in the cold night, gazing straight up to the heavens, heady with fresh air and the arrogant freedom of youth....CATHY


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