Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Parenting: Part 1 - mustangs & shooting stars

     Sunday I was back and forth to Pequannock, NJ for the Christening of my cousin’s grandson. Then Monday and Tuesday, Megan and I were off to the Shenandoah National Park for some hiking and mountain air. When so much of each day is going to be “on the road” I always try to rent some fun vehicle, if I can get a great “last minute” rental deal. I was lucky as a candy apple red Ford Mustang Convertible was sitting unrented in the Budget Rent-A-Car corral. 

    Driving is more fun and easier with two drivers. And it is kind of ‘parenting’ to ride shotgun while your daughter explores speed and the open highway in an ultimate American muscle car. <grin>

    The Mustang became a perfect vehicle for an unexpected treat. Walking around outside after dinner Megan spotted a shooting star. I suddenly remembered from reading another journal that we were perfectly situated on top of a mountain to view the Perseid meteor shower. We hoped in the Mustang, lowered the top, drove away from the safety lights of the lodge, parked in the primal darkness and watched the night sky overhead with all the total creature comforts of a heater blowing warm air, leather seats and surround sound CD player. Nature is great, but it can be enhanced. <grin>

      The meteor shower reminded me of space bugs hitting the Earth’s bug zapper, as so many just seemed to dart here and there before suddenly disappearing. Though there were enough of the classic shooting star types to keep it real.     


  1. oh what fun!! Usually when we rent something like this, it is more practical than a convertible mustang. We got to try that sometime. Not sure how I could handle the teen driving it though. I would be hitting my imaginary brake a lot (see my last journal entry).

    Sounds like you and Megan had an enjoyable time; and a shooting star - wow I don't think I have ever seen that or a meteor shower. Great memories you guys made :)


  2. You made some great memories with your child that will last her a lifetime.  The person who comes along in her life will have some big shoes to fill as she's going to compare everybody to Dad.  If they don't measure up, then they're out of there.  Great Job!

  3. I bet the car was fun!!  Knowing me, I would have gotten a ticket and then changed the name of the car to 'Hello Officer Red'....

  4. were only about 30 minutes away from me!! Being a water lover, I feel landlocked in the Shenandoah Valley, but your entry makes me realize if you can get here, I can get to the water as well!!!! Now I just need to make time to do so. It has been over 20 years since I drove the road known as Skyline Drive, nice to see things are evolving well up there!!

  5. Hi Patrick, weird calling you Patrick when my dad and only brother are Patricks :) This trip sounded heavenly and you are very brave to ride shotgun with your daughter.  I still can't do it and they are 21 & 23. LOL

    I'm in a online "patientslikeme" group and have just help a gal star a blog.  She's had ALS for 3yrs, in a chair and only use of left hand.  Her husband hurt her back in helping with a "half fall" and she fears she is too much for him.  Can you offer me advise on steps that would be helpful to them?  I'm introducing her blog tomorrow.


  6. Cooooool car and wow at Megan putting her foot to the metal, glad you was there as co driver :)  It sounds wonderfully relaxing, chill time. Most wish on shooting stars, it's very rare we see them, glad you did. Rache

  7. That's the best way I've ever heard to watch a meteor shower. I'm all for enhancing nature (at least regarding the outdoors)! It was too cloudy for us to see that one. :-(  

  8. sounds like you have been having some very enjoyable times!!!!

    loved the deer pics!!!!!!!!  I'm sooo glad that park and rec makes it so your wife can join you in the park--that's sooo wonderful!!!!!!!

  9. Patrick I'm thrilled you got to see the Perseids make their annual appearance.  You can see why people used to call them "shooting stars" eh?  Yes, a little music always "enhances" nature, and everything else for that matter!  I'll keep you posted for any further cosmic happenings!  Stay sweet, CATHY


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