Friday, August 25, 2006

Caregiving: Writes of Passage

           Writes of Passage 

Our daughter launches her life,

Moving proudly into the Universität.

Walking parents as ‘couples’ surround me.

Thousands and I can’t see a wheelchair.

Mom’s not here, safe, maybe aware.

When did reality become the frontier?

Daddy travels West, yep, there’s a sunset.

Empty home? Not if you ask the cat.


  1. hoping she has a great college experience!!

    I can't imagine the thoughts and emotions going on in your lives as you transition to this next phase of living


  2. Fledgelings fly and gather knowledge........she'll be fine, and you'll worry. There's proudness and a little sadness in your poem Patrick.

    Wishing Megan the best and you a smile.....they'll be term holidays ((( ))) Rache

  3. Hello everyone. We have created a new journal for John & Krissy and am looking for letters and stuff to put into it. You can do so by putting it in an email and send it to and also read about it here. Thanks!

  4. i hope you all survive the college years:) i admire you and patti both you deserve medals!!!


  5. My heart goes out to you... I'm not sure who it will be harder on... Sure does change things, doesn't it?

  6. ..........children are like time skittering across our lives, leaving memories and imprints on our days.
     They are as close as our heart beat and you feel their pull where ever they might be.
     The echo of the empty rooms, absense of their voice, the searching by the cat.....the loneliness is filled by the RING OF THE CELL PHONE!
      Give Patti a hug, a mother's awareness for her fledgling over rides any  attempt of the body to rule out that knowledge.
      A hug for you and a silent tear for we all face changes.

  7. college is such an adjustment
    the cat probably thinks the empty bed is her/his now--I know my cat thinks the guest bedroom is his and he gets bent out of shape when my niece sleeps in "his bed" which is actually hers.


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