Thursday, August 03, 2006

Caregiving: parenting & the beach

     While this sociable crustacean is naturally associated with the beach, MS IS NOT! The "beach" has always been father daughter, able bodied time in our story. With temps of 100 degrees and college starting in a couple weeks, my daughter and I headed to the Jersey Shore

     Bodyboarding is an obsession. From morning to end of day we ride the waves. The mythical "Selkies" of yore must have left some DNA in our Scotch Irish ancestral blood.

     Riding one particular wave we found ourselves racing each other toward shore while weaving and curling around waders. As Megan began to pull ahead down the finish I reached over and tipped up her board's batwing sending her sprawling into the surf.


     Coasting onto the beach in victory, I thrust my arms into the air beginning my victory dance. Megan was kneeling in the sand spewing out salt water and laughing, “You cheated! I can’t believe my own father just knocked me off my board to win a race.”

     Welcome to the adult world, college girl! <grin> … anyway, what about all the times I pretended to loose when she was little?


     Everything changes in life, except the surf still crashes to the shore. I find enchantment in those waves.


  1. thoroughly enjoyed this entry of yours, Patrick. Glad you guys took the opportunity for a little jaunt to the Jersey Shore to ride the waves. I bet it is going to be different without Megan at home; are you feeling a bit of empty nest syndrome? We have one more year and then our last bird will leave the nest (his current plan).

    totally agree; you didn't "cheat"; you just used all the tools that were available to you to pull ahead and win :)



  2. .........winning is the ticket!  This is a good lesson! lol

    .........a wonderful day together and another memory engraved in her heart and memory. can be proud of your parenting skills!

  3. I would say you've been cheating for years then--and she just now figured it out.
    I cheat at cards with my niece so that I can lose every so often otherwise she won't play anymore.

  4. You have managed to capture the essence of the sea and shore in your pictures. Keep them coming, as I am so far inland, they are but a distant memory for me.

  5. The sea is one of natures untamed, very enchanting to sit and watch and ponder on the life of Selkies.  It's a pity MS doesn't allow enjoying this relaxtion.

    erm!...........u cheated :) but I think Megan learned to expect the unexpected and take it with a smile :) Rache


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