Thursday, August 03, 2006

Journal: word count

     OK, some people asked about my mention of a personal ‘word count’ goal. Recently looking for something in a past journal entry I noticed that some of my entries seemed too wordy. With hindsight, I could have written them more concisely.  

      Perhaps I was getting lazy or sloppy when it came to this journal? 

     A ‘side effect’ of two decades of caregiving is that anything I do one day I have to do better the next day.    

     So I said to myself, “Self, I think the problem here is lack of a goal.” I picked an arbitrary word count ceiling and have been trying to carve the wordsmithing to fit. 


  1. thank you for explaining it :)

    personally, I don't mind the length of your entries; they are always interesting to read and I don't think any I have read from you is overly long.


  2. part of the fun of journals is to get to be overly wordy and to blather on and on!!!!!!!!!


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