Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Caregivers Make the Worst Caregivees

First thing's first, this is not Patrick writing any of this! I asked my father for permission to update his blogs for him while he's temporarily unable to.

As regular readers are aware, he's been going through some aggressive chemotherapy for his lung cancer. After the fifth round he managed to catch pneumonia from somewhere, and had to be taken to the hospital when he was too weak to lift himself out of a chair. Something like that is scary enough for a regular person, but maybe more so for a long time caregiver. 

It was a rough couple of days, but the antibiotics finally began working and his body is still fighting off the infection now, on top of the chemo and the cancer. The main concern is that he has become very weak, and needs help doing nearly everything.

He's said since the start that parts of cancer and chemo have helped him better understand parts of my mom's disease, and I can only imagine that's even more true now. But I wouldn't want to speculate too much and end up stealing away a future post my dad would prefer to make himself!

When he'll be able to do that is up in the air. The hospital wants to discharge him to a facility equipped to handle inpatient physical therapy with the goal of returning home. And my mom's care facility happens to have such facilities! 

Now, whether or not our insurance will approve of that has yet to be seen, and whether it would even be the best fit for the kind of physical therapy he needs, I have to admit my fingers are crossed for him to spend a little vacation time there. Potentially being able to see my mom daily again could be interesting for the both of them.

I promise to read all comments to him while he's out of action, spambots included, so don't be shy.



  1. I was wondering what Patrick was up to; hadn't seen any updates for a bit. I'm so sorry to hear about the pneumonia, the hospital stayand potential stay in rehab. It would be an adventure, I do believe, if the two of them were in the same facility; I'm sure it would give him plenty of blog fodder when Patrick is able to get back to it.

    Your family is in my prayers. Thanks for the update.


  2. I've enjoyed your blog for a long time, Patrick and just want to send warm wishes for a comfortable and quick recovery! - BSB in NY

  3. I am so sorry to hear your father has had to endure yet another challenge on top of what he was already struggling with. I wish him a speedy recovery. Thank you so much for updating us.

  4. I've missed your dad's posts here, but certainly understand that he's too weak to write. Please give him my best, and let him know that I'm storming heaven with prayers. I'm sure that you, too, are exhausted, and I thank you for the update.

  5. Your dad has reminded me that even as caregivers, we still get sick too. Sick enough that even we need help sometimes. I've read his blog for so long that he almost feels like family to me. Creepy, I know, but I only mean that in the best possible way. His dedication to your family is amazing and from the sounds of it, the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. You are awesome as well! Take care, give your dad lots of hugs and just breathe.

  6. Healing energy and best wishes to your dad.

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  8. Hi Patrick,
    And a warm Mom hug to your daughter.
    And my prayers of strength and support for your wife and entire family.

    My Name is Pamela, I am a married Mom of an adult daughter, and I live in Michigan
    I have MS and have also battled and beat cancer.
    I recently lost both parents to cancer so I understand the strength it takes both as a parent and a daughter
    to move through this with hope strength and courage.I have (like most of us)had many struggles and losses I thought I would never survive. But through it all my family found the best medicine for me and really for all of us,was laughter.
    As corny as this sounds, find humor in anything you can. Funny movies on 24-7 funny family stories.
    Sit-coms from the old days anything. I can't begin to tell you how this changed everything when my parents were sick.
    When I stumble and fall, My twin sister doesn't say "Ohhh poor Pammy" she helps me up and says " You O.K Lame Lou from Kalamazoo?" When my Mother (80 yrs old) was taking treatments she said the cure for any symptoms of chemo was ... are you ready for this? A Nintendo DS .... Yes she played her DS and was so lost in the game she never gave it a second thought once she hit the 'on' button! She thought all treatment centers should come equipped with them. She LIVED a very long time with cancer. And set an example to us all that you need to live , really LIVE until its your time to go, No one is promised a tomorrow. So no matter what ails us we have the same chance at tomorrow as the healthy person next to us.

    I have taken up so much of your time, Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Please find one thing today to laugh yourself silly about.
    I would be happy to lend an ear if you ever need me,
    Just leave me a reply if you want my info.
    Thanks for sharing your day with me

  9. My familyis sending ur family a tsunami of positive vibes!!!

  10. To you all,

    You're an amazing family! I wish you all better health, lots of great times together, tons of happiness and joy. Keep seeing the good side of everything the adventure of life dishes out to you. Love deeply, be forgiving, laugh at life and yourselves ;-D.

    Sending supportive, healing energies ~~~


  11. Hi Patrick, stumbled across your blog after so many years, possibly about 4 (aol veteren) you and patti still leave me in awe. Wonderful people. I've smiled at more than a few of your antics. I'm passing by and wishing you both well........you're showstoppers :)

    rache x

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  20. You did a Wonderful job of filling in for your Dad. Hope he made it the Cancer & Everybody is still getting past all the diseases. Smiles 2 everyone from an MS Patient. Just checking 2 see how this silly disease effects the other side of the family

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