Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Care Review

Back again in the afternoon, it was time for Patti’s “Care Review”. You get to meet with a team of staff representing different areas from nutrition to activities to nursing.


Actually these sit downs are interesting however to accommodate all residents’ families and still run the facility they only allot 15 minutes every couple of months. You can arrange follow up appointments for specific issues


Interesting today was their nutritionist’s concern that Patti was not finishing her meals. They were going to start her on vitamins to balance her diet. It was particularly interesting because at the picnic the night before I was stunned to notice Patti’s strawberry shortcake and fruit cup sitting untouched on her tray. When I asked Patti about it, she was unaware she had any. Because of their layout on the tray and her visual impairment she could not see them. Once placed in front of her she inhaled dessert and fruit cup.


Patti is ‘legally blind’! Like many people with MS and visual impairment she often guesses or fakes too well that she can see. I raised this concern and they found no notation in their records for the dinning room staff that Patti could not see. So it’s highly probable Patti was not finishing her meals because she did not see all of her meal.


I’m glad they have these sit downs because sometimes it is the little things that can make a big difference. And of course, caregivers and visitors need to visit and participate in all aspects of a care facility. You sometimes become the eyes and ears of your family member or friend.


However, in spite of not finishing her meals, Patti had gained 9 pounds in 3 months since admittance. According to their records, she NEVER misses the snack cart when that comes around. <grin>  


Vision basically occupied our time. I also covered the phenomena that Patti sees light color on a dark background better than dark on a light background. Perhaps a darker tray with light plates might help.


Her visual impairments had not previously been properly flagged so for that alone the ‘Care Review’ was most beneficial. Especially since the communication could cover so many different departments at once.

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