Thursday, June 03, 2004

Increasing spasticity

Raging and media aside, "living with MS" does still require daily and practical adaptations. 

Increasing spasticity has apparently caused Patti to rub her knee against the wall while sleeping. This in turn created a minor abrasion.

Her bed had been moved parallel to the wall to create space for her to move around in her room while in her wheel chair. Her oversized TV, while necessary for her visual impairment, is a genuine space hog.

One of my points of contention with institutional thinking has been lack of frugality and creativity in problem solving. Hey, it's not their money so why care! 

In homecare, frugality and creativity are fundamental.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the staff came up with a creative solution. An exercise mat now hangs on the wall next to her bed. Hopefully the softer surface can prevent the friction. At least it is a cost free attempt, and to me signals that the staff is starting to think "living with MS".

Undoubtedly anti-spasticity medication will soon have to be added to Patti's growing daily med count, but for now ...

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