Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Medical Bills & Insurance

   When Patti was at home I probably spent on average at least half a day to a full day per week dealing with medical bills and insurance.
   So far that area of caregiving has not improved and actually has worsened even outside of Medicaid application. Today was one of those days.

   At the core of the problem is "too many cooks in the kitchen". With homecare it is just you and therefore you are aware of any and all medical costs and insurance claims in advance. You can prevent common errors.
   With the institutional era I'm too often discovering medical expenses only as a result of our insurance either reporting they paid in full, part, or denying payment. Recently as late as two months after the fact.
   It is MADDENING! Slowly piece by piece I am trying to adjust the system to notify me whenever there is a cost incurred. Amazingly this is not as easy as it seems.
   The nature of a long term care facility is basically to take care of a resident without involving the family in daily decisions.

   I imagine part of the problem is me letting go.
   Inside a caregiver's brain is a wealth of instant information and experiences. However an institution grinds on by it's nature always keyed on the paperwork of a "file".
   Most residents admitted have little to no support outside the care facility so the system is designed to be more self contained. And no institution will ever operate with the frugality of a family.

   Maybe the parallel worlds are pulling apart? I don't know. However until Medicaid is approved, surprise medical expenses are more than dangerous, AND doubly time consuming.

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  1. Medical/Medicaid/Insurance was always an issue when I had Charlie.  It was always a pain in every part of the body!  


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