Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Movie & Dinner

     With a break in my schedule, we seized the opportunity and Megan and I took Patti out for a movie and dinner.
     Movies are one of Patti's few expressed pleasures and seated close to the screen she can "see".
     We checked out Stepford Wives. AOL Movies: Stepford Wives, The

     Patti found it hysterical in parts. I even had to calm her down at one point so that others could hear the movie, as she was laughing so loud and hard.     

     I should point out that Patti is unable to completely control the level and appropriateness of emotional reactions due to MS related damage to frontal lobe functions of her brain. She might laugh at a funeral or cry at good news. She also might roll on the floor laughing at what others might only chuckle at or vice versa.

     Personally I felt it was an interestingly weird dark comedy with some extremely funny scenes. However, take Patti with you and it becomes a true gut busting comedy!
     While we in the "well" world are quick to identify appropriate reactions, Patti had a blast and that's what the evening was all about!

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