Monday, June 07, 2004

A good person

I confess to often using the medical profession as a whipping boy with few exceptions. ONE of those exceptions I reference is our friend Renee.

NBCTV Washington,DC has chosen to recognize her work and leadership in the community 

Of course, it leaves out the MOST IMPORTANT contribution of them all to me. It was Renee who came up with the idea of using LoEstrin to control Patti's menstrual bleed cycle. Reducing the nightmare family ordeal from one week a month to only 4 times a year.

As a caregiver (and a guy) that alone revolutionized home caregiving when Patti's mental confusion and lack of eye and hand coordination prevented her from helping herself. Sanitation, laundry, and quality of life issues aside there was also our daughter coming of age in the middle of all this. It was a helluva way to learn to deal with her own menstrual cycle. Renee's solution was a family godsend.

No caregiver can stand alone. Your friends can be MORE than a source of strength.

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