Saturday, June 26, 2004

Luck of the Draw

Visiting comes down to the luck of the draw as far as whether any personal accidents mar the experience for visitors. Few would return if vomiting or bowel or bladder accidents dominated every drop in


While visiting may not be remembered by Patti, every visit is greeted with welcome surprise. I believe guests are good for her.


MS related napping to combat fatigue also factors into visiting as I often find Patti in bed. It is physically challenging to get her up and dressed. Or you have to wait until staff has an opportunity to assist. While they are more than glad to accommodate visiting needs they of course have to balance the needs of several patient/residents and their response time can vary.


Patti requires assistance to get out of bed and dressed. She can do neither unattended.


Fortunately for Patti, I have drawn the unlucky times recently and her other visitors have had relatively problem free time with her. Facilitating return visits is a good thing.


Visiting takes patience and effort. It’s not like dropping in on a neighbor. However, it is appreciated infinitely. 

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