Monday, May 31, 2004

Memorial Day

   Picked Patti up for a Memorial Day cook out at her parents house with family and friends.
   I noticed when signing Patti out that her brother and family had signed her out on Sunday for a afternoon in the park and a visit to Dairy Queen.
   Patti could not recall any of the weekend visits.
   Sadly Patti had a bowel accident at dinner which always impacts any event.

   Driving back to her care facility I asked her about quality of life article mentioned in the following entry. She stunned me by agreeing that her quality of life isn't that bad. She has shelter and food. All she enjoys is watching movies and eating. People are kind enough to take her to movies and she gets fed. -- I'm still realing from that response.
   Can my perception of quality of life be that different? I feel stuck in one of those parallel universe warps I mentioned many entries ago.

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