Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Nurse Practitioners

I wanted to follow up on a comment posted to ‘Blood in Urine’ journal entry. It is indeed true that the most pragmatic and beneficial help we have ever received has come from Nurse Practitioners.


Neurologists and Medical Doctors frankly have a tendency to treat a MS Patient as some abstract enigma.


Nurse Practitioners seem uniquely founded in the understanding that a patient is a unique human being and exists within the context of a family.


Yes, these are generalizations. I’m sure there are exceptions. We have however found them to be more often true than not.


MS is unique to each unique person who in turn has a unique home environment.  


While Patti still sees her neurologist twice a year, we replaced ‘family physician’ with family ‘nurse practitioner’ and quality of life improved for all of us.  Nurse Practitioner / Neurologist relationship has been exponentially better than Doctor / Neurologist relationship in terms of addressing Patti’s unique needs. 

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