Friday, May 14, 2004

An 'able bodied' day

As Patti’s MS progression over time became significant we learned we had to divide family time between ‘family’ and ‘well’ or ‘able bodied’ activities. After all we also had to raise a daughter to live and succeed in a basically able bodied world. 

MS had a way of throwing last minute unexpected changes into any plans. Patti’s level of participation could never be predicted. We found it simpler to just divide time between the two ‘worlds’.

Yesterday was our first able bodied kind of day since Patti was admitted to her care facility. For the first time in years Patti was also SAFE and professionally cared for while Megan and I could play. -- We SEIZED the moment!

Picking Megan up from school on a gorgeous ‘summer’ day in Spring we headed to Hershey Park to renew our season passes and catch a ride on the new roller coaster.

“Stormrunner” is of the new generation coaster that launches you from 0 to 70 mph in 2 seconds up a 90 degree angle to drop you, of course, at an equal angle for a fall of 150 ft. just to get the heart started. <grin> Megan and I are coaster addicts. Go ahead and take a virtual ride. 

Lines were minimal and timing was perfect! We grazed our way through the Park on amusement park cuisine waiting for start of the evening’s concert featuring David Bowie.
The man and his music are timeless. He rocked for a full non-stop, 2 and a half hours with songs from throughout his 30+ year career. It was mesmerizing. 

It doesn’t get much better than rockn’ roll under the stars at an amusement park on a summer night in Spring. 

Could Patti have enjoyed it? NO! Not at this point in her MS progression. 86 degree temps are not MS friendly. She can't really see, and 'accessible' for modern coasters is more a legal concept than a functional aspect. Concert crowds of standing, cheering fans and megadecibel level sound are 'overpowering'  when you are at chair height, and easily confused.  We take her other times when the time can be focused on her and what she CAN actually enjoy.

It always feels a bit strange to bounce between the two worlds. However it's worked and helped keep us all together through the years.

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