Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The MS War in Summary

Whether AMA/FDA or Alternative Medicine we’ve tried what we could afford and more.


Medical insurance certainly controls the agenda with the AMA/FDA treatments. Patti’s chronic progressive MS does not always qualify for some treatments du jour.


Of the ABC’s only Avonex was tried for significant time. B (Betaseron) is a story unto itself, and C (Copaxone) is an exclusive relapsing remissive MS kind of thing.


Corticosteroids and chemotherapy have been rolled out as big guns to try and slow the progress


Never having complete faith in medical science, after all they go home at 5 PM. We explored alternative medicine in part because AMA/FDA profiteers were so adamant in their warnings not to.


From diet to clinics in Germany to honey bees we searched for hope. You HAVE to! Living with MS is also about always warring with MS.


Depending on progression the role of the caregiver spouse moves more prominently to carrying the struggle.

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