Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Chemotherapy in particular Cytoxan was tried early in Patti’s diagnosis.


I remember our daughter was in pre-school at the time because there was concern over exposure to the myriad of diseases that breed in pre-school. Cytoxan is a powerful immune system suppressant.


The principle behind chemotherapy and MS is to suppress the immune system because in a sense MS is the immune system gone amuck. That‘s the simplified two line explanation. For ‘inquiring minds’, volumes of documents are available on NMSS web site regarding chemotherapy and MS at


Did it work? NO! Patti lost hair by the handfuls and trying to increase distance from a mother already increasingly disabled with MS and a 4 year old was cruel. 


MS can never be isolated from “living with MS”. The unique lives and families that surround each person diagnosed with the disease are part of the equation.

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