Thursday, May 27, 2004

Hedonism VS Sacrifice

Living with MS cannot really be separated from caregiving. Depending on progression more and more centers on the caregiver. Here another unique factor enters the equation.


Every caregiver brings a different set of values and philosophy to the table. Experience and growth necessitate constant reassessment and evolution. Your core primary values have to be discovered and tested


Our American culture is not the best of environments for long term support.  Hedonism is trumpeted daily while sacrifice tends to be whispered in places of worship on weekends. I believe the majority of marriages dissolve in divorce anyway without any challenge like MS. Hell, we were attacked as a nation and thousands murdered less than 3 years ago and our resolve has broken into squabbling.


Culture or society is not going to support or reinforce you. If anything the temptations of escape will grow exponentially. It’s only rational to look for the easy way to handle it.


My friend Renee kids me that my durability can be traced to a Catholic obsession with martyrdom and guilt.  I was raised Roman Catholic. Today I would label myself a “depending” Catholic. It depends if God and I are speaking at the moment. I hold him responsible and some weeks I am not in a forgiving mood.


Fortunately you are too busy to have the time to ponder the meaning of your life or what’s in it for me? If you ever did, you would run out the door screaming never to be seen again. <grin>


Bottom line, it will be about you and what you are made of.

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