Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Alternative Medicine

Battling MS is a desperate fight. You don’t really leave any stone unturned if possible.


‘Alternative Medicine’ has been explored equally unsuccessfully as traditional AMA / FDA approved treatments.


The two most significant attempts were “Calcium EAP” and “Bee Venom Therapy”.


“Calcium EAP” involved essentially a mega vitamin/mineral program. Over 10 years ago, through the generous love of Patti’s parents they accompanied her to Hanover, Germany. Patti was admitted for two weeks to a clinic operated by the late Dr. Hans Nieper. Super simplified, ‘Calcium EAP’ was allegedly an energy conductor. If used in high dosages, it temporarily coats the nerves and aids in the transmission of messages. Thereby essentially supplementing the deteriorating myelin sheath. Treatment involved daily intravenous injections, tapering to twice weekly after release from the clinic. As this was not FDA approved it had to operate outside the US. Once home no licensed medical professional would assist with injections so I had to learn to give intravenous injections. Unnamed licensed and understanding professionals were kind enough to assist in acquiring intravenous syringes. ‘Calcium EAP’ was purchased and shipped in from Germany.


Did it work? Patti left the US in a wheelchair and returned from Germany walking. That was an emotional moment at the airport, especially for a certain 4 year old at the time.


All things considered the year that followed was good.  


After about a year MS started progressing downward again. We gave Patti’s calloused veins a break and chalked it up to another valiant effort against an invincible foe.


Meaning NO ENDORSEMENT but simply as an elaboration for inquiring minds, I found this link to another's story offering a more in depth related  personal experience:


More about “Bee Venom Therapy” later. Stay tuned ….

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