Monday, May 10, 2004


Hallmark Holidays that begin and end in long term care facilities are intensely poignant. There is no life sized scale you can counter balance with good intentions.


Most of Mother’s Day was an away day with Patti’s parents and family then afterward at our own home.  Visiting with our cats was a special request and treat for Patti.


Patti seemed to enjoy herself outside of MS symptoms plaguing her day.


An episode of spontaneous vomiting preceded lunch (a common though fortunately intermittent symptom). Patti’s stamina noticeably weakened through the day. Spasticity in her right leg was prominent by end of day. Spasticity is one MS symptom Patti has rarely manifested. ?? Bladder incontinence necessitated three Depend changes over 6 hours. Cognitive problems and mental confusion like stamina worsened with the day.


The simplest travel and activity we 'able bodied' people take for granted can take such a different and unpredictable toll on someone with MS.

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