Saturday, May 22, 2004

Thursday outing

Less I digress entirely into background, let me pause to share Thursday’s outing.

I picked Patti up following lunch. (I arrived 15 minutes after lunch had ended, though sadly Patti could not remember what she had eaten for lunch.)

We were off to our attorney’s office to sign final papers for Medicaid application for medical assistance. It was a beautiful day for a ride. Even some laughs as my 'native guide' was useless. This she could not blame on MS. This is her home turf and her sense of direction and local geography made me wonder how she ever had a license to drive.

Next stop was Tri-County Library for the Blind to get Patti’s talking book machine serviced. While waiting in the lobby, Patti surprised me by finding a concession counter that sold ‘large print’ items. She could actually SEE them. We bought a deck of playing cards and a crossword puzzle book. 

Then I dropped her off at her parent’s home for a visit and dinner. Home made ‘moon pies’ from an aunt, pizza, and plenty of TLC does beat institutional care for a day. She can be a guest with all the pluses yet hosts are not shackled with the caregiving responsibilities.

Some days can be somewhat normal, overall, no matter where they begin and end. Life does go on.

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