Monday, May 03, 2004

Elder Care Attorney

Back to Elder Care Law. Unless you are gifted with a guaranteed clairvoyance and know that neither you nor your spouse nor any family member will need long term care in the next 5 years you are already behind the proverbial eight ball. 


Conventional financial planning or even common sense fails miserably when confronted with the frankly 'ass backward' world of preparing to pay for a long term care facility.


Financial planning to protect assets is possible years in advance of admittance, but on the eve of admittance you can only hope and try for damage control of some family assets.


At minimum a care facility is going to cost $5,000 a month for just room and board at today's prices. That's $600,000 for 10 years if prices never went up, or one could easily assume closer to a million for next 10 years.


You have basically three choices LTC (Long Term Care Insurance), Independently Wealthy, or MEDICAID.


More on these later... One just doesn't usually link the phrase Elder Care Law and age 48 in the same breath. Then again MS has its own way of moving.


To family and friends, whether regarding MS or elder parents or elder spouses I cannot stress enough visit with an Elder Care Attorney sooner than later. LEARN from our mistake. Have your situation evaluated.

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