Monday, May 03, 2004

Accidents - what a way to start a day ...

Arrived a little before 10 AM this morning to visit Patti. We had an appointment to get Patti ‘measured’ for a new wheelchair.


Fortunately I’ve learned to anticipate the worst and got there early. Patti had ‘chosen’ to sleep in through breakfast which also meant she missed morning dressing rounds. She was laying in bed in Depends soiled with both bowel and bladder accidents. 


While care facilities have many benefits, immediacy is not one of them. Of course, then again neither was unattended home care.


Just like homecare, I got her up, showered, and dressed. The more institutionalized nature of her bathroom and bedroom are so much easier to work with than even the most customized of home scenarios especially for these down and dirty necessities.


(I swear I want some Canadian seal hunter under contract to club me into the next life the day I can no longer control bladder and bowels.)


MS has eroded enough of Patti’s brain’s ability to even process that an ‘accident’ has occurred much less how to even resolve it. All she had to do was press her call button for assistance however she was oblivious.

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