Saturday, May 01, 2004

from Patti's Mom

(from Patti’s Mom)

Hi Patrick, I should be typing this onto Patti's MS web site but I am not sure how I do that...I will find out soon.  We had a very nice visit with Patti, Tori was along and helped us play a game of Trivial Pursuit. Patti answered many questions but what I was most impressed with was Patti's remembering that she won a really cute stuffed animal for Megan. She said she won it playing BINGO but she could not find it, well it turns out she was correct, one of the girls working there said she left the monkey in another room, we located the monkey and hung it up in Patti's room, she wants to give it to Megan.  We left Patti in the dining room where she seems to forget to go to sometimes according to a worker there.  Hopefully they give her a snack IF she forgets to report for lunch or dinner.

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