Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Blood in urine?

Got a call last evening from care facility advising me they had done a urine test as staff had noticed what appeared to be blood in Patti’s urine when changing her Depends.

Communication and teamwork IS improving. I appreciated the call and their concern. We are all getting better at meeting in the middle. Transition is improving.

Most likely it is ‘break through’ menstrual bleeding.

Because of her MS Patti is both unaware of menstrual bleeding and unable to deal with pads and such because of lack of vision and coordination. We’ve tried to control menstrual flow with LoEstrin used consecutively for 3 months every day then off for a week before repeating cycle. Before this treatment plan, I don’t know how we got through years of monthly ordeals that more than impacted quality of life. A good friend who is also a Nurse Practitioner suggested the approach. It has been a godsend.

As a MALE caregiver spouse this was a particularly frustrating part of support, laundry, and clean up.

Of course on the other hand it is probably good that care facility did do a urine test. Familiarity can be dangerous in MS. You have to be careful NOT to ignore potential signs of other medical problems just because someone has MS.

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  1. Sometimes for chronic illness, and everyday stuff, nurses and nurse practitioners know some common remedies--usually they will not mind being asked.--RMilligan, CRNP


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