Monday, May 31, 2004

from Patti's Mom re: Saturday

(from Patti's Mom re: Saturday)
Hi Patrick
   We had Patti and Sharon L. to the movie Shrek 2 yesterday, very, very enjoyable, Patti just loved the cat, Puss! We also took them out to McDonald's after the movie and had a very nice visit
   Sharon manicured Patti's nails and we chatted with the nurse...I asked her if Patti was on any medication since she seems to have a "head" cold. The nurse said she just had the first dose to give Patti and administered it right before we left for home. I also folded all of Patti's summer shorts and tops and put them in the drawers, I left a note explaining where things were located. I am going shopping shortly and will pick up some sport bras for Patti.

[NOTE: Since admittance to a care facility Patti has contracted two minor cold type viruses. At home she NEVER seemed to have such ailments. I suspect MS as an immune system disease could be a problem in such a communal environment. Therapist had recommended buying next size up sports bras to facilitate Patti’s involvement in dressing herself. This has always been a frustrating step for Patti.]

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