Sunday, May 30, 2004

NYC 5/29/04

Life does have to move on. It can be frustrating and seem discordant not to include Patti in 'Kodak moment'days like a NYC trip but sometimes it would be counter productive for everyone involved including Patti.

As part of our daughter’s 16th Birthday celebration she wanted to take a couple friends to Greenwich Village for the day to hang out, shop, and eat dinner.

With Patti safe and comfortable at her care facility, able bodied youth plus Dad invaded the Bohemian Capitol.  

Interestingly I only noticed one person in a wheel chair all day yesterday in NYC. Now of course, we were in mainly older historic area with coblestones, narrow irregular sidewalks and most shops either step ups or step downs. Probably on the Avenues and larger tourist attraction type restaurants accessibility is more promoted.


  1. How nice that you could make your daughters Birthday so special! She will always cherish that!!

  2. sounds like you had a great time.....let me know next time you are coming to the city...we go to Soho all the time..............boy do I remember that shirt of yours!!!!!!!!!!!!  later G


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