Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Ice cream therapy

Megan (our daughter) and I dropped by to take Patti out to Dairy Queen for dessert.


Sometimes the problem is finding Patti. <grin>. The social butterfly was in the main lounge for movie night on the MEGA screen TV. The temptation of ice cream was sufficient to lure her away.


It was a fun though messy visit. But that’s OK too as I don’t have to do her laundry anymore.


Megan gave her an electrostatic voice activated lamp for mother’s day which has become a big hit with the staff. Talking to Patti your voice is displayed in electrostatic patterns


This also raises yet another relationship impacted by MS in all this. I’ve certainly dwelt on spousal caregiving. I touched on Patti’s parents. Yet there is also Megan


Turning 16 is a world of challenges in itself. Toss in your mother’s admittance to a long term care facility and we are talking uncharted territory.


You could go nuts if you let yourself. You just have to seize the moment. This moment tonight was simply about making the most of enjoying some time together and ice cream, of course.


Ice cream therapy – the world needs more of it

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