Wednesday, May 12, 2004


(from Patti’s Mom)


Believe it or not Patti told me you are getting the book machine repaired. She was in a very good mood after getting a perm. She rec'd a very nice letter from my former boss, Jeff Walters, remember him? He's the one that married you two...he sent Patti a CD of his wife playing some classical numbers, I brought it home to make a tape so Patti can then play it on her tape recorder when it is repaired. He also sent a book written by a friend of Jeff's letter, that will better explain the book than I can.   "Georgie" from across the hall came over for a short visit, a good friend of hers is in the Sweet Adelines with can really see the frustration in her face when she is trying to communicate, soooo sad, BUT my Patti made her laugh!!!!!


[Note: Library for the Blind supplies an extraordinary user friendly tape player and library of tapes for blind and visually impaired people. It does periodically need maintenance which each local city branch is glad to do or supply a new machine. I took Patti’s machine the night before I am amazed she remembered.


Yes, there is a hair parlor on site.


The other interesting line in Gloria’s note above references our marriage ceremony. A day does not go by that I do not shake my head at how hard we worked on our vows. At Patti’s insistence they EXCLUDED any promise to “have and hold in sickness and in health …” She had already been diagnosed as probable MS and did not want the future linked to MS though at the time MS was in remission.

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