Friday, May 07, 2004

Visitors and more visitors

Patti’s life long friend and unofficial sister, Sharon, was a genesis for this on-line journal when she began leaving a written journal for visitors in Patti’s room. Some excepts will give you a sample of visiting:

(from Sharon) April 24, 2004

   Patrick, Megan, Harold, and Sharon visited this evening. Along with Patti, we accompanied Megan on her second driving lesson. Since I am able to write this, it means that none of us were maimed or killed – we didn’t even get sick!! Megan did very well indeed. We also made a trip to Dairy Queen and Patti had her first “Chocolate Utopia”. No, Megan didn’t drive. Patrick did, and in my opinion, someone else should teach Megan to drive. Patrick aims at curbs!!! Until next time, love from best friend/sister, Sharon.


(from Patti’s Mom, Gloria) April 26, Monday

   Harold, Gloria, and Lorraine visited. We all played Trivial Pursuit. Harold and Gloria won the game. We came back to the room and watched the “Ellen Degeneres Show”.

   Patti’s Depends were very wet, so I helped her change her clothing.

   We walked Patti to the dinning room and then departed for home.


(from Patrick) April 26 Monday PM

   Patrick wounded see BLOOD (a drop of blood was added to page for dramatic effect) measuring for wheelchair. NO first aid kit in room!

   Patti had PBJ and chocolate milk delivered during visit at 7:30 (bedtime snack?). Some people get treated well. <grin>

   Of course, PB&J is NOT on South Beach Diet.

   ‘Ordering’ a custom wheel chair is a pain in the ___. However, it should be a major jump in comfort and ease to operate.


(from our daughter Megan) April 28th

   Warning for all readers, there is a potential AIDs hazard on the opposing page (referring to my blood stain).

   The perfect one and father have come for a visit. Found mother wandering down the hall, vehemently proclaiming how insane everyone here is.

   The world’s newest room decorator has decided to spiff up the place a bit, but it is the opinion of this girl there are many others better suited to the task.

   Had a lovely time with ‘The Creature’, Mother’s latest bingo win. I suspect they’ll turn her into a bingo addict at this rate.

   New wheelchair coming soon!

PS Dad took twenty minutes to figure things out and freaked out all the while.

[Editor’s Note: While I encourage freedom of the press in this journal I’m quite sure the founding fathers meant to exclude teenagers.]


(from Patti’s Mom) May 1, 2004

   Gloria, Harold, and youngest rambunctious granddaughter Victoria ….

[Editor’s Note: Visitor log entry ended abruptly at this point. Rambunctious was obviously an understatement.]

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