Saturday, May 22, 2004


Patti like so many with MS had her “ABC” drug era. Her neurologist fought to have her included in the original Betaseron trials to give her at least a chance of getting on the medicine ASAP. The point to the ABC drugs is to get on the medication early in MS diagnosis.


Betaseron rejected Patti repeatedly for those trials because she was already too advanced. They obviously wanted nothing to screw up their trials and only happy shiny results. With amazing audacity Betaseron assigned Patti a lottery number once approved by the FDA soliciting her to begin Betaseron immediately because of its ‘proven results to help patients with MS’. Yeah right!


At that time our medical insurance would not pick it up and at nearly $1,000 a month it was out of our budget. Especially for a drug whose manufacturer had twice rejected Patti for their FDA trials as too advanced, yet somehow when money was involved had a reversal in thinking and felt it suddenly could benefit Patti.


Don’t ever think charlatans can only be associated with the world of ‘alternative medicine’. They lurk anywhere there is money and people in need.


Yet some people with MS do have positive results from Betaseron. Each patient is unique, and each family situation is unique.


Anyway “B” never even got off the ground … “A” to be discussed in the future, followed a couple years later. (So much for alphabetical order, after all what is logical about MS?)

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