Monday, May 03, 2004

Low Rider

Patti’'s going ‘low rider ! 

Since she had to give up her beloved Rascal Scooter because of vision and memory a couple years ago, Patti hasn’t much cared about wheelchair image.

It’'s good to see her interested again. She'’ll resemble some mad hornet rolling down the hall in black and hot yellow.

Custom hemi fit will also help with leg use for foot power in addition to arm power and exercise. There is plenty of room to roam unlike a house. 

‘Hugger’ back rest we tested was an almost instant miracle in correcting her posture. She leans like the Tower of Pisa. With corrected seating she can also use both hands properly. Funny how one little adjustment can change so much. Raked sling seat will counteract her slouch and it’s as if you’re looking at a new person. 

Spoke bicycle style wheels were the finishing touch. I think until we find some more bells, whistles, or streamers.

By the way $2,000 and two weeks before delivery and final custom fitting.

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