Tuesday, October 12, 2004

at an even greater risk

Living with Multiple Sclerosis in our family has always taken the flu season to the next level. This is our first flu season with Patti in a 24/7 care facility.


Visiting Patti Monday night certainly had surreal moments as some staff have begun working in surgical masks. Signs in BOLD TYPE on brightly colored paper greet you at all possible entrance doors warning you politely to ‘not visit’ if you have symptoms of a cold or flu.


Staff and residents have been vaccinated as an added line of defense, so you know it’s basically about YOU. Makes you feel like a big cartoon germ invading somebody’s home.


No matter how well intended your visit some times we all need to be hit up side the head with a big stick. … The Center for Disease Control reports that up to 90% of deaths to colds, flu, and pneumonia occur in the American population greater than 65 years of age. The normal aging process compromises the immune system of an aging body. Chronic diseases put the person at an even greater risk.

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  1. This flu season is going to be scary.  I hope everyone at risk is able to be vaccinated and the that the rest of us avoid the creepy germs.


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