Thursday, October 28, 2004

Is it live? or is it ...

Living with MS means some days have little or nothing to do with MS. That’s a most important truth which I also noticed stressed recently in someone’s journal.


Today is one of those days. Parenting a teenager is what today is about.


Our daughter’s high school had previously “won” a free afternoon concert for today featuring Ashlee Simpson from a MTV Rock the Vote campaign. Shortened class schedules and an afternoon off rocking out in the gym was excuse enough for excitement. Throw in MTV cameras, celebrities, and media attention and teen pop culture doesn’t get much better.


Unless ... that same performer ‘gets caught lip synching’ on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Resulting main stream media attention has notoriously skyrocketed Ashlee Simpson's status in pop culture. <grin>


To finish off the day, it’s designated “Trick or Treat” night in the local communities. Costumed characters will stalk the neighborhood homes for candy under a full moon on a forecasted perfect October evening.


Half a day off from school work to celebrate teen pop culture and then finish it off with a total sugar experience to celebrate youth … how can it not be a good day? <Grin>

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