Wednesday, October 06, 2004


WINTER is my sanity. This morning's FIRST FROST was a welcomed 'omen'. I needed to know Winter is not far away. <grin>


Yesterday attempting to follow up on retroactive cancellation of Patti’s health insurance I discovered what could be the beginning of the endless loop of stalling or an act of incredulous coincidence. Or in other words, blah, blah, blah … (nothing has been done) but will be looked into beginning NOW with their apology of course.


.... except that over the last two weeks we have received a steady stream of past due medical bills in the thousands of dollars from providers who have had to refund their insurance payments.


Tentatively exploring legal options we were told it was a waste of our money and time. Major corporation will endlessly stall and delay. We will fold from medical and legal bills before we ever see a court room. – If misery prefers company, it was explained this is a growing medical legal trend everywhere. Corporations have human resource budgets to balance and stockholders want profit from insurance companies.


At this point the “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” approach is frankly the best – hope there is corporate conscience and that this is a mistake compounded by bureacratic errors. Certainly a foolish and idealistic approach however as bankruptcy or some variation is the only apparent alternative you tend to entertain foolish hopes just a bit longer.  


I picked Patti up for dinner and some family time at home Tuesday. We detoured for some quick grocery shopping which Patti totally enjoyed. I forgot its probably been a couple years since she was in a grocery store. She was more like a kid in a candy shop. <grin> It was rather contagious, it’s been a long time since I enjoyed a visit to a grocery store.


Attempts to later discuss either insurance problems or physical therapy were short lived and lost to a newly acquired Halloween singing witch.


As I’ve referenced before there are days when MS symptoms of mental confusion, memory, and attention span can make you feel like you’re in parallel universe as a caregiver.

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