Saturday, October 23, 2004

Searching for Multiple Sclerosis or Caregiving Revisited

After “searching” AOL Journals for either Multiple Sclerosis or Caregiving, back on October 8th, I posted the following entry . (You can access the original posting through this link: SEARCHING for Multiple Sclerosis or Caregiving.

While I noted the few journals available from my research I forgot to actually post those journals. (Maybe Patti’s memory problems are contagious?)  Following the picture you will find the few active AOL Journals available for either Multiple Sclerosis or Caregiving, at least that I came across.

          Picture from Hometown


my journey with Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis and me!!!

Debbie Couch and my hole


CAREGIVING: (only the first two specifically deal with MS)

Caregivingly Yours,

Mike's Journal

A day in my life....

Libby and Jerry


  1. I asked the nurse in Patti's room last evening IF Patti had the flu shot and she seemed to think that NO One in the nursing home has had the flu shot as yet.

  2. From their October 1st Newsletter: “…The flu and pneumonia vaccines are an added line of defense and both are offered to residents and to the staff who provide their care…”  Even before that date, in August, as Patti was unable to understand and sign her release for flu shot the Nursing Office contacted me to approve her getting the Flu vaccine. I will follow up the floor staffs’ contentions to you with the Director of Nursing on Monday….

  3. Thanks for the links.  Some I read but some will be new for me.  Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi DaddyLeer
    I received your e-mail.  Me?  The heart of a lioness?  I guess you could say that.  I have always been so independant <starting at a young age>.  I forget my limits most of the time and push myself toooooo far.  Lol.  My sis lives in Atlanta, and my mom lives in Houston.  I wish I had someone that could/would pick up the slack for me.  Someone close by.  Until then, I do what I have to do and keep on stepping.  Thank goodness the girls are in school and I can get nap time in <for me>.  Without that I would be lost.  Lol.  I slammed into a doorframe today with my shoulder.  I have to post it in my journal.  Please read it.  Take care.  As a caregiver/parent, you must have the heart and will of a lion.
    Take Care
    Columbia, SC


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