Friday, October 08, 2004

SEARCHING for Multiple Sclerosis and Caregiving

Out of curiosity I tried the “search” function on the AOL Journals Main Page for both Multiple Sclerosis and Caregiving. Yes, I tried all logical variations of both words.


I was surprised to discover basically ONLY 3 active journals for Multiple Sclerosis and 3 active journals for Caregiving. Yet a search for the word “bird” produced more active journals than anyone would ever have the time to read.


As for MS – 400,000 Americans have MS and 200 per week are newly diagnosed according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.


As for Caregiving – EVERYONE will one day know or love some one who can no longer take care of himself or herself.


I don’t know what percentage of the Internet market AOL has and I don’t know what percentage of homes in general participate in journals. However the proportions of topics like MS and Caregiving in relation to ‘birds’ does seem odd?


Perhaps reality journals are too much like a mutated Dickens's ghost of time future ...


... OR as my teenage daughter often explains, “Dad, NOBODY reads AOL Journals. (followed by alternating sighing and tongue clicking sounds) and I NEED to use the computer!” …  The balance of parenting always helps to keep it all in perspective. <grin>.


  1. I read your journal and I have MS.

  2. I had the same problem finding others with PD.  Those I found were commenting that there were few places to share.  We need to rattle more cages perhaps,cf.

  3. I am happy there are the few journals there are out there.  Hopefully other will have the courage to share their battles and triumphs when they see the ones that have. I think, part of the reason, is due to privacy.  Some folks don't feel comfortable sharing such an intimate part of their lives.  Sooner or later people will realize what great folks there are in AOL J-Land and what wonderful support it can provide.

  4. Thanks for the early and insightful remarks. I just want to clarify two things as my original ponderings were cut short. 1) The teenage pop culture definition of “nobody” is quite different from Webster’s. 2) Before the bird lobby weighs in, I have nothing against birds

  5. Keep up the good work Patrick, eventually AOL will realize the importance of your commentary. many of my friends read the journal everyday and really enjoy it. I guess I just might be bias. GMD

  6. I have found very little caregiving chats. I find some things related to family members that are caregivers, mostly for parents, but not much for caregivers by profession. I am a caregiver in the field of adults with disabilities and would love to share some of the things we have been doing in Tennessee to insure ethics are a must in this field. There are 4000 plus caregivers statewide and we have been working for three years to build our Association of Direct Support. Anyone interested can find us under National Association of Direct Support, click on State.


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