Tuesday, October 19, 2004

somehow you find a way

It's not just me raging against the machine! The theme of health insurance and chronic illness is continued this week in AOL's own health newsletter:  (click on blue headline to link to stories)

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Health News Headlines

Effects of Early Therapy Last a Lifetime

Desperately seeking a diagnosis for months -- or years -- is a common pitfall for people with MS. New research suggests time is of the essence. Here's why.


New Technology Shows Early Signs of MS

As you read above, the earlier the better when MS diagnosis is concerned. Can a new scan detect the disease before the patient can?


Editor's Picks

Health Insurance: Keeping Up With the Cost

The thought of unaffordable health insurance strikes fear in the hearts of those with chronic illnesses like MS. Is your pay keeping pace with rising premiums? Check out this new study.


(It is a bitter circle of frustration in that with dwindling health insurance a family’s options shrink to even make use of new therapies and technology.


Of course, as the family and/or friends ofsomeone with MS you didn't CHOOSE to get involved in all this because you were looking for something easy to do for a day.


Somehow, you find a way.)

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